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Check back soon as I hope to have some music created to support the release of my next novel.  This will be my first full attempt and fully orchestrated ‘soundtrack’ style music.


Loners Society

Loners Society – Release Date Oct 25, 2011


The times they kept on a changing, as did the rotation of musicians in the lineup.  I once again teamed up with Matt Megrue on a new project.  I was quite impressed with where he had grown as a song-writer.  Between that and teaming up with Don McCollister who had done final mixes for the County Line Strangers album, this one turned out to be what I think was one of the more solid releases we had done to date.  Head over to King City Records so you don’t miss out on this one.


County Line Strangers

Heart Break Motel – Release Date Jun 29, 2009

countylinestrangersThis is a much more personal one as the band allowed me the privilege of heading up the production on this one and even placed one the songs I had written, ‘Savannah’, in the track list.  It was also a move into the world of Alt-Rock and a chance for me and Matt to exercise our demons.  So if you are one of those that only listens to ‘Old Country’ back when the songs told a story and were more personal, then this is the one for you.  And of course it can be found at King City Records.

The Unusual Suspects

Coney Island EP – Release Date Aug 28, 2007


Another round of good times and pop-punk.  After getting some radio play and touring a great chunk of the east coast, we decided to keep the momentum going.  It was around this time that I moved into studio work and began to dabble in sound engineering and production.  Though I didn’t sit in the producers chair on this album, the drummer’s stool was not a bad place to be.  This one is also available at King City Records for those that need a copy.


Phonograph – Release Date Jan 4, 2005


This was the first major release that I was ever involved in.  People often look back to what they call ‘the good ol’ days’ and I can’t say I’m all that different.  The release of this album was the start of a major chapter in my life that I will always look on with a great fondness.  I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I enjoyed being part of their creation.  If you don’t already have a copy, head over to King City Records to get your own.




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