So what’s been going on you ask?

Great question. I know posts are few and far between and apologies for keeping anyone in the dark. I took a bit of a break after I wrapped up the trilogy, well…somewhat. I couldn’t seem to shut my brain off with new ideas. Some of those have been manifesting themselves over the past year and I’ve finally picked a few to focus on. While some will remain close to the chest until I’ve done more, I will let you in on two new projects.

#1 – A new Sci-Fi Adventure series is in the works. Name is TBD. This will follow a new group of unlikely adventurers as they traverse a unknown terrains in search of ancient myths. These adventures will be vastly different from the TXP series but are turning out to be a blast to write, so stay tuned.

#2 The Expansion Project Series will soon be an audiobook!!! That’s right! Book 1 is about 2/3rds through to completion by a very talented up and comer in the audiobook realm. More details on that as well as things in closer.

In short, I know its a bit of a wait between these types of projects, but just know that things are still happening and new universes are still being built. In the meantime, have a very Happy Holiday season my friends.



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