The Expansion Reaches Africa

Hey Everyone,TXP_Africa

Sorry for the long stretch.  Between holidays and family stuff and a bunch of adulting, I haven’t been online much.  I’m excited to say that my latest novel is still making its way around the globe.  My good friend Krystal sent me this picture all the way from Africa!  Always good to see the expansion continuing.  The stories of the experience and the beauty of the country out there has made me extremely jealous of both her and my book.

So for those that have tuned in for updates, book II in the Expansion series is getting close to completion.  I am in the final stages of editing.  While I’ve been waiting on that, I’ve nearly completed a second edition of book along with a new cover.  That’s right, some more fun digital art coming your way.  Also, I am several chapters into book III already.  So hang tight for just a short bit longer, and there will be some more action and adventure coming your way.  There has been some great feedback from the beta readers and I’m getting very excited to share the story with everyone!

Stay Tuned,


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